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Vet Opens Sick Cat’s Stomach And Makes “Unbelievable” Discovery

A vet team in South Carolina made an “unbelievable” discovery when operating on a sick cat.

The Charleston Animal Society shared about the cat’s situation on Facebook, explaining that a Good Samaritan brought Juliet and two other cats to their location.

Apparently, the cats’ owner moved out of state and simply left the cats behind to fend outside on their own.

When Juliet was first brought to the clinic, she seemed fine at first but after several weeks, she began not eating and seemed lethargic.

Some testing showed she had “an unusual sort of blockage in her stomach that would kill her if it was not removed.”

Dr. Jamison performed surgery on the cat to remove the “unbelievable blockage” and discovered something shocking: dozens of hair ties were clogging the cat’s stomach.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Dr. Jamison said. In total, they removed 38 hair ties from Juliet’s stomach.

Charleston Animal Society shared a video of the surgery that you can see here. The surgery was intense as the doctor pulled a seemingly endless string of hair ties.

“This blockage has caused a liver condition that we are watching closely,” said Charleston Animal Society’s Dr. Jamison said in the Facebook post.

Unfortunately, Juliet ended up passing away from her condition. The Charleston Animal Society updated the Facebook post, saying: “Even though Juliet was loved and was not suffering during her last days, she did succumb to this tragic accident.” We are all heartbroken.”


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