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Tiny puppy found calling out for help in the middle of the road finally gets help (VIDEO)

Yuki was a brand new puppy when she was found crying on the streets of Lonavala, India.

The poor pup was welping very loudly trying to get noticed.

Finally, Yuki’s plan worked and Manasvi Pawase heard Yuki’s cries and came to help.

When she opened her door she found the 3-week-old puppy on her doorstep.

She described the pup as “mouse-sized.”

“I was definitely melted by her cuteness and I immediately cuddled her up in my sweater,” she said.

Yuki was relieved to be in the care of someone kind.

She immediately relaxed after Pawase scooped her up.

“[She] was overjoyed to finally meet a human who would give her the warmth of love,” Pawase said. “It seemed that she was deprived of it for so long.”

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Luckily, Yuki found herself in the right place. Pawase formed animal rescue group Strays of Panvel.

So, Pawase knew just how to properly care for Yuki.

Pawase started the organization when she was just 16. She began with just feeding strays, but then she started raising funds to help get the vaccinated and sterilized.

Now Pawase also helps find animals forever homes. Pawase brought Yuki home with her and gave her a cozy area to sleep in.

The tiny pup slept the entire day.

She was exhausted from being under such distress.

It didn’t take long before Pawase was able to find Yuki a foster home.

Not only would Yuki have a foster mom, named Melisa Rego, but Yuki would also have a foster doggie sibling named Bailey.

Yuki was so excited to be around another dog.

Her rambunctious nature really shined.

Yuki loved to run and play with her new foster family.

She made sure to cover them with kisses and even learned how to play with toys.

Once Yuki was old enough and healthy enough, she was put up for adoption.

Eventually, Yuki found her a brand new permanent home.

Pawase was overjoyed that she was able to help the young pup find a forever home.

Pawase believes that Yuki was “mercilessly separated and dumped away from her family.”

But before Yuki was adopted, Strays of Panvel posted an adorable video of the tiny puppy to help grow interest in her adoption.

Not only did Yuki find a family but her video went viral and there were loads of interest from lots of people who wanted to adopt her.

Yuki’s video received more than 126,864 likes.

“Thank you saving her life. So glad she was adopted,” wrote one commenter.

“Love this little sweetie and it’s so nice to see the kindness for the sweet beings in our universe. I was very surprised about the comments about her being female. As a dog owner for my whole life, and an absolute dog lover, I prefer the females as pets 100%,” said another.

You can check out Yuki’s big video below.


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