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They said: “My cat brought in a chipmunk during a winter storm. This is how I found them..” (VIDEO)

Winter can be a magical season filled with snow, and twinkling holiday lights, and joy. But it can also be quite cold and harsh.

For animals living out in the elements, winter can be a season of survival, which is something Indi the cat knows all too well.

Indi lives with TikTok user @theunbrokensmile and their area recently experienced some winter storms. It was freezing cold outside but Indi was cozy inside her barn with a fire going.

When @theunbrokensmile went to check on the cat, they were surprised to see that Indi had brought in a chipmunk to warm by the fire!

They shared about it on TikTok, saying, “My cat brought in a chipmunk during a winter storm. This is how I found them. It was let back outside and [is] perfectly fine.”

In an interview with The Dodo, Indi’s owner explained, “The chipmunk was sleeping at first, [and] I thought maybe something was wrong with it. But as I got closer, I [saw] it breathing and it slowly opened its eyes and just stared at me. Some followers on social media believed he was in or going into hibernation. Either way, it looked pretty cozy.”

They further revealed that Indi seems to be paying it forward! Last winter, the cat showed up at the home starving and freezing. She was struggling to survive, so the homeowners welcomed her in and provided her with some heat and shelter, and she’s been with them ever since.

The chipmunk only stayed for a brief while to warm up before Indi’s owner let the little critter outside to scamper free. No doubt, the small break by the fire was likely a warm respite from the cold.

Check out the video below:

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