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The Cat Who Was Continually Crying Was Held In A Particular Form Created By The Shelter Personnel

There is a reputation for cats being racist. On the other hand, Dugie is not one of them.

Dugie loves to cuddle and does it frequently.

The senior shelter cat isn’t timid when it comes to demanding what he wants.


The 15-year-old range tabby was in terrible shape when he was brought to the Greater Rochester Animal Refuge League (ARL) in early June. He had feline inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which necessitated the shelter staff to wait an extra day to get him the medical care he needed.

After months of therapy, Dugie was finally strong and healthy enough to begin looking for a new home. Dugie’s lovable peculiarity was at this point well-known among the shelter residents.

According to Jeana Rth, head of community involvement, “He is tremendously gregarius and highly motivated.” The narrator claims, “He constantly wants to be close to everyone around him and mews till he receives attention and affect.”

In fact, Dugie’s desire for cuddling had become something of a joyable nuisance to the shelter workers, who would have to continue holding Dugie — or else be forced to listen to his amiable, common sense remarks. “Dugie is quite serious about needing attention. He would let you know if he weren’t being confined or restrained, Rth claims.

When it was time to return Dugie to the second floor, the staff came up with a wonderful idea to emphasize the senior cat’s unique characteristics. They looked at a photo of Dugie on Facebook, wrapped up in a BabyBjörn made by one of his favorite shelter residents.

When Dugie is not being handled, “Dugie’s meow can be heard from galaxies far away.” So, after some consideration, we determined that a BabyBjörn would enable Rbert to both hold Dugie and carry out his duties properly,” the statement read. The group remarked, “And we think it’s the ugliest thing we’ve ever seen.”

Users couldn’t agree more because the remark was shared and liked a lot on social media. Dugie, on the other hand, was uninterested in his unexpected international fame because he had already met his real mother, Ashley Erins, through social media.

According to Erins, “I was looking for a friend for my cat Jax when I saw Dugie.” “Once we saw his age and personality, I knew he was probably going to be a contender to come home,” the woman said.

When Ashley visited ARL, she met Dugie and brought him home the very next day, wrapped in a baby blanket.


In his new residence in Sringale, Maine, Dugie continues to demand the respect he is due from both cats and people.

He and Jax have already established a friendship, and they regularly hang out. “Dugie meows and licks my face every morning for cuddle time and his supper. He will let you know that he isn’t done if you continue to caress him.

Dugie is gaining weight and enjoying the care and attention of his new mother, even though he still needs to take medication twice daily for his intestinal condition.

The sentiment is shared, Luc. Erins continues, “I love spending time with my newest little man. He is so full of life that it is impossible not to fall in love with him.

The amiable cat has even gotten close to his Animal Rescue League friends, who frequently check in on their favorite elderly man to see how he’s doing.

In the wake of a challenging childhood, Dugie now has a home and a family to call his own.

“Whenever I have the chance, I like to add older cats. They have so much time to waste and crave your attention just as much—if not more—than younger cats, she continues.

“It seems that older cats and dogs have a harder time finding homes at times, but they… need to be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives,” the statement reads.

That’s what I want for Dugie, she says. He is being astonished beyond comprehension, and he wants it.





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