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Sister Kittens Stayed To Each Other After Being Rescued And Were No Longer Separated

Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Montréal, Canada) animal rights activists made a fervent appeal to two abandoned kittens.

There were initially three kittens, but sadly one of them passed away.

The tabby girls were not fully weaned and had fleas when they were about seven weeks old. Following the death of a brother, they exhibited signals of stress by remaining together and cuddling tight. Two volunteers, Mary and Steph, came to their immediate assistance.

It was obvious from away that the kittens shouldn’t be kept apart. They held to one another and kept looking at one another.

The beige kittens Zelda and Safira rubbed against one another as one sister attempted to mimic the other in every way. They work well together because of their similar personalities, claims Celine.

Before being exposed to excessive amounts of radiation, they received treatment for minor stomach discomfort and ocular irritation.

volunteers who’ve received too much exposure Mary-Lynn and Pat welcomed the kittens into their house. The sisters quickly became independent and started to consider the situation as a couple.

The guardians fed the kittens adult food and then began to care for them as if they were house cats, showering them with affection.

The girls rapidly developed bonds with their amiable neighbors and started acting like a tiny gang to pull pranks on them within the house.

They work together on all they do. They enjoy staring out the window together, searching the street for little creatures, and just thinking about what goes on during the day. They still seek out their guardians’ cuddles as a couple and cherish them.




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