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Rescuers Rush to Save 18 Neglected and Sick Horses From Farm in Massachusetts Even Though the Farm was Full of Rescued Animas

After spending who knows how long without proper care and food, 18 horses are finally safe in Massachusetts.

The owners surrendered the neglected and sick horses to MSPCA following an animal cruelty investigation at a farm in Alford.

On Monday, rescuers arrived at the farm to save the horses.

“This is the largest single surrender of horses in at least the last five years and comes at a time of year when resources are depleted from caring for *thousands* of animals in the last 350+ days,” shared MSPCA-Angell.

It took five trailers to remove all 18 horses from the farm and bring them to the rescue’s Nevins Farm on the other side of the state. The horses are currently in quarantine and receiving all the special care they need.

MSPCA director Mike Keiley said, “We have so many horses and other farm animals on our property already at this time of year, so our teams spent the weekend resetting interior and exterior spaces to ensure the horses, many of whom have contagious respiratory illness, can settle in safely and comfortably.”

Once they have recovered, the rescue will be looking for adopters or fosters.


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MSPCA didn’t hesitate to help the neglected horses even though the farm was full of rescued animas. They needed to make room for all the incoming horses which meant finding homes for some of the resident animals.

They thanked the community for stepping up to help. “The operation ahead of the horses’ arrival involved one of the fastest repositioning of large animals in Nevins Farm history–with our teams scrambling to find homes for 10 other resident horses in record time”.

But they still need more help.

Kelly stated, “We’re in urgent need of donations at a time of year when the animals need it most.” People can donate to help care for the horses and all the animals in their care at

The case is ongoing, and no further details have been released.

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Source: MSPCA, GreaterGood

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