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Rescuers Find Two Kittens Abandoned Outside and Notice How Much They Need One Another

Rescuers found two kittens abandoned outside and noticed how much they needed one another.

Two months ago, a pair of abandoned kittens were spotted at a managed cat colony near a local business in Burlington, NC. Rescuers rushed to their aid and took them off the streets, away from busy traffic.

“These two were lucky. They were 14 ounces and 18.5 ounces – tiny babies about four weeks old and probably just weaned,”¬†Sparkle Cat Rescue¬†shared.

The kittens, Mason (orange) and Misty (grey), were a bit shaken after the ordeal. Mason was the much shyer one of the two, and would hiss out of fear and stand behind Misty for comfort.

Mason (orange) and Misty (grey) were found abandoned outside@sparklecatrescue

Angela, a foster volunteer of the rescue, took them on and gave the duo a comfortable space to decompress and socialize in. Over the next two weeks, the feline siblings put on a lot of healthy weight and gained a ton of energy.

Mason started to warm up to the idea that people aren’t so scary by watching his sister interact with the foster family.

Misty likes to shower her brother Mason with hugs@sparklecatrescue

“Misty is the brave one and is a lot quicker to go up to someone she doesn’t know. Mason stands back a little and watches Misty while he gets up the courage,” Angela shared.

Slowly but surely, Mason’s courage grew as he fed off Misty’s confidence. He came out of his shell and began to trust.

Mason slowly came out of his shell and started to trust@sparklecatrescue

There is no shortage of sweetness as Misty often snuggles up to Mason and wraps her arms around him. She is there when he needs a buddy to reassure him that he is safe.

Misty is the brave and adventurous one. She encourages her brother to play and try new things.

Mason has learned that petting is quite enjoyable and that his humans bring him his favorite treats. No more hissing or cowering behind his sister as the tabby boy has mustered up the courage to accept love.

“Once he’s warmed up, he’s a little lover boy. He actually comes to me first for pets now.”

With lots of encouragement from Misty and plenty of TLC from the foster family, Mason has overcome his fear and embraced being petted and even held.

The feline siblings are almost ready for adoption. The rescue hopes to find them a dream home together.

Misty and Mason, the sweetest pair@sparklecatrescue

“Mason loves rubs and cuddles and will even roll over to get his belly rubbed. He loves to sit on my shoulder at times. He comes to the nickname ‘Bubby’ and is very sweet,” Angela added.

The once hissy, scaredy boy has changed to be a cuddly teddy bear.

Mason has turned into a cuddle-bug@sparklecatrescue

“Misty is a little more wide open and loves her toy mice and is always looking to get into mischief, but when she tires herself out, she wants a lap to curl up in. She also likes snuggles a bit more on her terms.”

Sweet sister Misty@sparklecatrescue

After a rough start, Mason and Misty are thriving as the sweetest pair, and can’t wait to find their happily-ever-after.

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