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Rescuers Find Dog Alone In The Woods Using Pine Needles For A Bed(VIDEO)

Parker wandered the region after a breeder dumped him and a pack of other dogs in South Carolina’s woods, unsure of what to do. The curly brown and white dog, without a bed, settled for a pile of pine needles to sleep on.

Parker resisted rescuers for days because he was not convinced he could trust them. Parker was eventually captured by animal control authorities and taken to Halfway There Rescue, where he was given a qualified foster to aid in his recovery.

Parker was still feeling extremely anxious when he got to his foster home.

Parker’s foster mother Carrie said, on condition that her last name not be revealed, “At first, he was terrified of everything.”

Parker need patience from Carrie, and she was ready to let him adjust on his terms. Fortunately, Parker got along with his foster children. He started to enjoy being a dog again as he developed a bond with them.

“Gradually he’s warmed up to the other dogs,” according to Carrie. “I have a rescue husky-pit mix, Malala, who is a saint and often helps crack scared dogs out of their shell. They now play nonstop in the backyard and around the house.”

As Parker became more comfortable with his foster family, his true self emerged.

“He’s a goofy, friendly, carefree dog when he’s outside with the other dogs,” according to Carrie. “He plays chase and wrestles, and digs a lot in the dirt.”

Parker continues to live with Carrie and is attempting to gain more self-assurance around people. Parker will move into his permanent residence as soon as Carrie finds the ideal match. “He needs someone very patient who understands this is a long-term project to gain his trust,” Carrie added.

Parker now has a second chance at having a happy family after formerly being abandoned to fend for himself. He is relearning how to live day by day.


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