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Rescuers Celebrate Finding Second Home for Pretty Cat Sisters After 177 Days

San Diego rescuers at Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) celebrated when two cat sisters, Cocoa and Snowball, found a second home during the holidays. After their first family returned them, it took another 177 days in foster care. But at long last, LYFF found them a home again.

Family who adopted the cat sisters via LYFF

Family who adopted the cat sisters. Images via Facebook/Love Your Feral Felines

LYFF highlighted beautiful 3-year-old Siamese and Tortoiseshell sisters as the 3rd and 4th cats of Christmas on the rescue’s page. When they were kittens, the rescuers took them in, and they found their first home together. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and their family returned them to LYFF.

These girls were adopted as kittens and, through no fault of their own, found themselves needing LYFF’s help again,” LYFF shared.

Snowball and Cocoa, Tortoiseshell and Siamese sisters

As mature cats, these two furbabies are well-adjusted to life in the home and adore being cuddly couch muffins. Mature bonded cats like these two can make ideal companions for people who enjoy a quiet life and aren’t ready for non-stop high-kitten energy. Even so, the older kitties often get overlooked in shelters everywhere.

Cocoa and Snowball sleeping in foster home, Melissa Catellier

Cocoa and Snowball sleeping in foster home via Facebook.

LYFF described how cuddly the perfect these cat sisters can be:

“They are very loving and sweet cats, and all they want in life is a lap to lay on and a window to watch the world go by. They make wonderful co-workers and will seek out your lap during the day, no matter what you are doing. Snowball especially loves her people and wants all of your attention – all of the time! Cocoa is a very sweet baby and loves her couch time with her humans. They are perfect cats and are waiting for a fresh new start together.”

Snowball and Cocoa hugging in a yellow blanket

Cocoa and Snowball

Back in October, LYFF shared the story of the two kitties as they were ready to find a home.

“Snowball is a major snuggle bug. She loves to claim you as her own the moment you sit down, and will immobilize you for hours while purring away. When she isn’t in your face with her love she can be found looking out the window and watching the world go by with her sister, or at the top of the cat tower surveying her land.”

Snowball the tortie/Siamese, 2

“Cocoa is as sweet as her namesake and enjoys a good lap to sit on. She instantly purrs the moment you pet her. She likes to lay on the back of the couch, soaking up the sun and watching the world go by.”

Cocoa the pretty tortie cat looks at camera in the windowsill

Their foster mom M. Catellier shared a picture of them, explaining they really are wonderful lap cats.

“Everyday life with these girls 💕,” she shared.

Cocoa and Snowball cuddling on the sofa in foster home, Melissa Catellier
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