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Rescue Cat With Eye Loss Receives Special Eyepatch

When Savannah Anas and her friend realized that a litter of kittens had been born in the middle of nowhere, all by themselves, and in desperate need of help, they felt they had to take action. After traveling for 2.5 hours to get the kittens, they discovered that one of them had a terrible, deadly eye infection.

The sick kitten, later given the name Scar, was in such awful shape and was suffering from such a terrible infection that Anas was worried he wouldn’t survive. She rushed him to the doctor as quickly as she could in an effort to save his life, but she later learned some very bad news.

Scar, a marine biologist and animal advocate, was so small—only 2 months old and 8.5 inches—that the doctor wouldn’t be able to hold him up to observers, insert a breathing tube through his throat, or understand how the anaesthetic was affecting him during the procedure. This rendered it a very high-rise surgery.

The doctor informed Anas that although there was a good chance Scar wouldn’t survive the procedure, he also most likely wouldn’t survive without it. They made the decision to proceed with the surgery in the hopes of saving Scar’s life.

Amazingly, it was successful. The surgeon was able to remove Scar’s eye and all of the sick tissue surrounding it, and Scar survived the procedure uninjured. After hearing the news, Anas decided right away that Scar was presumed to be hers and brought the miraculous hat to her.

Scar is now a young, healthy kitten with no apparent health issues. Scar was so small when he was first born that Anas had to battle-feed him every two hours. His only peculiarity, which his new mother was able to treat, is that he is missing an eye.

Scar’s mother made the decision to have a little eyepatch manufactured for him in order to keep his stitches secure and clean after his operation. He was so small that she frequently had to take him to classes and on errands, and he was always the center of attention, much to everyone’s joy.

According to Anas, Scar wears his eye patch and is not at all bothered by it. He never attempts to remember it. I realized that having no eye makes him more approachable rather than making me feel afraid of him.

Scar no longer needs to wear the eye patch, but his mother still forces it on him so that people won’t be put off by his missing eye. Scar always wears it and would be without it if his mother didn’t put it on him occasionally.

The most active and nearby kitten is Scar, who is currently around six years old. Despite a challenging start to life, he is now more eager than ever to embark on any new journey with his mother by his side.


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