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Police Officer Risks Getting Sprayed To Rescue Skunk Stuck In An Ice Cream Cup (VIDEO)

You never quite know what you are going to run into when you’re a police officer.

You might start out the day with absolutely nothing on the agenda but by the time it’s over, you find that you are involved in something you never could have expected.

Perhaps that’s why some police officers describe their job as being hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Of course, those unexpected events are not always terrifying.

This was recently seen in Indiana when a skunk found himself in a very difficult situation. As skunks do, he was trying to grab a meal from something that somebody had tossed away. In this case, it was an ice cream cup and a skunk wanted what was inside.

What may have started out as a sweet treat suddenly turned sour when the skunk found his head stuck inside the cup. It turns out, a cop was on the scene and when a passerby, Paul Wendy Beck, saw what was happening, he decided to take a video, which he later shared on Facebook.

The police officer was busy rescuing the skunk from danger when he got there. You can see officer Ron with a towel, covering the skunk, and grabbing the ice cream cup to free the animal. Paul even told the police officer that the video was going to go viral.

Fortunately, for both of them, the skunk decided to exit the area and not spray either of them. The video was uploaded and it did go viral, providing some well-needed positive news for the local police department.

You can see the video for yourself below:

You can see the video for yourself below:

Source: Paul Wendy Beck Sr., Greater Good

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