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Pit Bull Found Alive After Heartless Owner Throws Him Over Razor Wire Fence At Remote Cell Tower (VIDEO)

Police are searching for a ruthless man who abandoned his dog by throwing him over a razor wire fence at a remote cell tower.

Security cameras at the California cell tower captured the horrifying incident that took place on December 15.

The disturbing footage shared by Riverside County Animal Services shows the man hurling the eight-year-old pit bull over the sharp fence and walking away.

The dog’s hind legs barely missed the razor wire as he tumbled to the hard ground. The man walked off and never looked back.

By some miracle, the dog survived and was found a couple of hours later by maintenance workers. They gave the thirsty dog several bottles of water and called Animal Services.

The dog was taken to the local shelter and a microchip scan revealed the dog was named KO and owned by Robert Ruiz Jr., 30.

Animal Service officers hoped to find the man at the registered address or phone number, but both were dead ends. They are not going to give up until they find and prosecute him.

“We’re now moving forward with seeking the arrest warrant because this person needs to be held accountable for such a horrible act of willful abandonment,” said Animal Services Commander Josh Sisler. “We are confident the man in the video is the owner of the dog. It is just shocking to see this act. It’s a small miracle the dog did not suffer serious injuries from the razor wire or from such a high drop.”

The dog has been renamed Ken and is having his eyes treated for mucoid discharge. The 50-pound, brown and white pit bull is looking for a loving home and anyone interested can find out more information here.

The security footage can be viewed below but be warned that the content is disturbing.

Source: RivCOanimalsPIO, GreaterGood

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