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Meet Gordon, the world’s cutest rescue dog!

Meet Gordon, the world’s cutest rescue dog!

Gordon the Shibu Inu won PEOPLE’s annual “World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest” and it’s easy to see why. He’s quite adorable!

According to PEOPLE, Gordon was hit by a car in Taiwan that left him paralyzed on the side of the road. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan stepped in to save the day and got Gordon transferred to a rescue for some medical care.

Once Gordon was healed up, it was ready to find him a forever home.

47-year-old Wendy Wickersham was on Facebook back in 2015 when she spotted a photo of Gordon advertising his need for a family.

According to PEOPLE, she said that she wasn’t looking for a dog at the time, but something about Gordon really caught her eye. She, along with her husband, decided to start the adoption process.

Since Gordon was based in the U.S., she couldn’t easily go pick Gordon up in Taiwan so she worked with Love and Second Chances rescue in California to arrange the adoption.

Eventually, Gordon made his way to Wendy’s home and finally found his forever family. It took him a few weeks to adjust to his new life, but now he’s loving every minute of it!

Wendy regularly shares photos of Gordon on Instagram where he has more than 15,000 followers.

You can keep up with Gordon on Instagram, @gordons2ndchance.

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