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Man shares the precious moment when he realized a goat was his “furever” pet (VIDEO)

“Originally, this was my wife’s goat…” This short video begins with a clear shot of a man who’s trying to do work and a baby goat who clearly wants his attention.

The captions continue, “But anytime she would see me, she would want me to hold her.” This statement appears to be accurate, as the goat jumps up and starts to paw at him.

The man gently picks her up and places her back on the ground, trying once again to snap a quick photo. This kid (baby goat) isn’t going to let him, though.

Within seconds, she’s back up on the “table”! Once again, this little goat begins to paw at her dad. He seems to get the message: that photo will have to wait!

Appropriately captioned, the video says, “She is in constant need of my attention…” The man picks up the goat, at first placing her over his shoulder, but she starts moving around and trying to snuggle with his face though.

He decides to move her to a better position.” I didn’t want a goat puppy in the first place, but I’m so happy we have her!” the captions on the screen continue.

It’s great that the man has accepted her because this baby goat doesn’t seem like she would have taken no for an answer anyway. Holding the tiny goat like a human baby, she looks right at home as she settles into his arm.

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