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Lovely Luna: How a Sweet Shelter Dog’s Story Went From Heartbreak to Happiness

This is a story of a sweet Labra-Heeler who got a rough start to life but has managed to pull through with the help of a loving foster mom and her own indomitable spirit. As her foster mom put it, Luna’s story is tragic but also miraculous. You see, Luna was shot and lost the ability to walk because of it.

Three years ago, she was in the car with her previous owner when, for some unknown reason, someone began shooting at the vehicle. Her owner ducked and was unharmed. Luna, however, took the bullet that was meant for them. Although they loved her dearly, her dad — a single father of two children who works full time — eventually could no longer care for her. That’s how she ended up in a shelter needing foster care.

Fostering Saves Lives

Her foster turned out to be a veterinary student who searched for just the right forever home for Luna. Being special needs now, she knew it might take a special person with special circumstances to include Luna in their lives. They thought Luna would do best in a home with another gentle, playful dog and active people who enjoyed taking long walks or hiking with their dogs. Luna, being a border collie mix, is VERY active even if she is restricted to a doggy wheelchair now. She will play for hours with other dogs and walk long distances with her new wheels, yet still have the energy for more! Luna, surprisingly, still loves car rides and enjoys shopping adventures.

Acupuncture for Pets

Luna’s vets suggested acupuncture and physical therapy would greatly help, so her foster mom saw to it that she received it. To date, thousands of dollars have been spent on surgeries, aqua therapy, and other physical therapies to improve her situation, and she has come a long way in her recovery. In fact, she gets around the house just fine even without her cool Eddie’s Wheels-brand wheelchair. Miraculously, although shot in the spine, Luna did not lose control of her bowels and is continent. She just needs access to the great outdoors when it’s time to go. Her foster noted that life with Luna promised lots of years of joy and love to the family or person(s) who adopted her, and that she’s very loving and playful.

Foster Fails

And then a funny thing happened. You see, as is often the case, 5-year-old Luna lucked out and became a foster fail. That’s when a foster caregiver decides to keep the animal as their own and gives up on finding them a forever home in favor of their own. In the process of starting her own 501c3, she works closely with the rescue Hope of Deliverance. She went from saying things like, “This beautiful soul has so much love to give and is wondering if you might be just the one(s) she can share it with!” to realizing that she was that someone.

This is the message she wants to share with readers everywhere: “Please foster…it saves lives! There are so many animals right now that need homes. You could be their everything. PACC in Tucson is overflowing. So if you’re at all interested in adding to your furry family, head on over there because they have tons of dogs and cats that need a forever home like yours.”

Don’t you just love a happy ending? Please adopt, don’t shop.


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