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Lion Get Caught Roaring at The Lincoln Park Zoo (VIDEO)

Nothing compares to the sounds of nature.

From the howling of the wind, to the crashing of the waves, and even the many different sounds animals make, all of creation big and small never fails to drop our jaws.

All you need is time to stop, look, and listen.

Now the zoo is one of those hotly debated places since the animals are kept in captivity when they should be left alone in the wild.

But some argue it’s a great way of studying about these animals all while raising awareness and educating the kids around.

This lion doesn’t care though.

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois is the place and this huge cat stands on a rock ready to stop everybody in the place.

He roars and roars, a deep, rumbling, guttural sound that reverberates and stuns onlookers around.

Now that’s an epic sound!

If you had your eyes closed you would think it was a big V8 engine or a huge truck on startup.

But no, it’s a handsome lion in all his glory.

Here’s the lion’s backstory according to viewer @melissakennedy1506,

“I have visited him many times. He was born in captivity and can’t be released into the wild. He was born as a circus lion and later abandoned. He likes his home and seems to love to perform. He roars on his rock several times a day. I remember a local report on him during quarantine that he was acting depressed and was one of their animals that were confused and upset about losing their audiences.”

And that’s why this lion could care less about not being in the wild.

Kids love these big cats though and for good reason.

Aside from “The Lion King”, which is a fantastic film by the way, these animals have been admired throughout history as symbols of courage and strength.

Sure they’re big cats, but that distinctive mane never fails to capture the imagination of kids all over the world.

And with roars that can be heard from five miles away, no wonder they’re some of the coolest.

An adult lion’s coat is yellow-gold, and only male lions typically boast manes, like this big guy roaring here.

It’s almost like he’s serenading his audience.

Another viewer had this to say,

“You don’t truly understand just how loud this is until you hear it in person. Even from a distance like this it sounds like the roar is coming from every direction around you and you feel it in your chest.”

The point is to scare potential prey.

Just listen. His roar has so much bass and vibration it would shake the knees off any wildebeest or gazelle.

Imagine being in the wild and you hear a roar like this, only you can’t see where it’s coming from. Where do you run?

Go watch the movie called “The Ghost And The Darkness” and you’ll see what I mean.

This really was an epic roar. One only the king of the jungle can deliver.

It’s a short clip below but so worth watching and hearing over and over again!

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Source: LazyChicagoDad, AnimalChannel

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