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Kitten takes three ducklings on an outdoor trip (VIDEO)

You should never doubt the power of friendship, especially amongst animals. There are several heart-warming stories about exceptional companies that animals can form with humans or animals from different species.

Kitten and ducklings

Recently, a video about a beautiful friendship between a kitten and 3 ducklings has gained immense popularity because of the unique bond they share with one another. The little brown kitten and the yellow ducklings have gained several followers wanting to catch a glimpse of these cute pets.

The owner of the kitten and the ducklings goes by his online username, “@catsdiary3115.” He gives an insight into the daily life of his adorable animals. The video begins with the kitten and the 3 yellow ducklings walking near a water source.

Kitten and ducklings

The ducklings sit beside the kitty quietly as the adorable feline plays with the strands of grass. The four of them were on an adventurous countryside trip. The innocent little ones hear music playing and try to get to the source.

The ducklings follow their cat buddy, and all of them soon go on the expedition. It felt as if the kitten was the mother cat allowing the little ones to explore the new & beautiful world around them.

Kitten and ducklings

The kitten continuously checks on the young ducklings and acts mature for her age. The 4 of them sit beside the riverside and enjoy the cool breeze on a bright sunny day.

The peaceful and serene environment gives you a glimpse of Hong Kong’s countryside. The cute kitten’s new adoptive ducklings find a quiet spot, ideal for a picnic, and decide to rest along the riverside enjoying their day.

Source: Cat’s diary, Modlyodd

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