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Kitten Lets Out The Sweetest Cry As Her Human Stops Petting Her

Before shelter animals can find their forever homes, they will be put into foster houses. Although these animals know their foster parents are good people, they often need more time to adjust to their new environment and their new humans.

However, when some adorable kittens from Best Friends Animal Society, an animal shelter in Los Angeles, moved into their new foster home, they instantly felt comfortable and cozy. All they need is love, and they just can’t get enough love and attention from their new humans.

These kittens are so cute that the foster parents decided to record them and shared the video with everyone. Whenever these tiny creatures do something cute, they will capture them on camera.

Although all kittens want attention from their foster parents, a baby seems to want more. The kitten has some demands for her new human friend. More scratches!I As you can see in the video, a human hand starts to scratch the kitten under her chin, and she’s enjoying it. But then the petting stops.

As soon as the person stops petting, the kitten opens her mouth and cries. Once her foster dad hears her booming meow, he starts petting her again. This kitten is so relaxed and happy when being petted again.

This happens several times. Her foster dad starts petting her and then stops. And of course, she lets out another meow. It is clear that she wants more attention and love before falling asleep. Is that too much to ask for? We don’t think so.

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