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It might not be something that you can imagine without laughing, but there is a viral video that garnered over 16M views because it showed a horse passing gas – a lot of gas

When you see horses, you picture them running majestically; the wind blowing their long mane.

Indeed, they are beautiful animals. But have you ever seen a horse pass gas?

It might not be something that you can imagine without laughing, but there is a viral video that garnered over 16M views because it showed a horse passing gas – a lot of gas

The name of the viral horse is Archy, and he lives in the beautiful Blossom Valley at the “Rocking Horse Ranch”.

Archy was rescued on time. He was so weak and was already dying of starvation. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all. Archy was also abused by his previous owners.

Right now, Archy is healing and enjoying the beautiful ranch that gave him a second chance.

It’s also obvious how much they love the beautiful horse. In the video, we see Archy roll on the ground and start passing gas.

Archy’s tummy is visibly bloated as he lay on the ground. As he wiggled around, more gas went out.

Oh! You would even hear a very long one before he stands up.

Then, we see the horse shake off all the dust and then walk again.

However, just a few steps and Archy sniffed the dust and lay on the ground once more.

You can even hear his owner say, “Again?”

Again, Archy had let out gas.

“Can you imagine having all that air in your intestines, how good that must feel just to let it all out?” said one lady in the background.

“Exactly,” said the one filming.

If you are one of the lucky ones, we are pretty sure you can relate to this as well.

The video is funny and even humans can relate to this scenario, but have you ever wondered if it’s common for horses to experience this much gas?

Passing gas is just normal for us humans, and even for animals, but in there are also special cases.

There are certain foods that can cause a horse to accumulate excess gas.

If your horse has been eating large amounts of spring grass, this can be one reason they develop gas.

Also, sudden hay changes can also contribute to the gas production of your horses.

There is also what they call Gassy Colic. It’s the least serious form of colic in horses, but it’s still best to treat it as soon as possible.

It’s like you’ve eaten too much pizza, cabbage, and other foods that cause gas.

If you have heard of the term “hay belly,” this is not exactly fat from eating too much; rather, it’s the production of healthy gas inside the tummy.

Horses produce massive amounts of this gas. If this gas doesn’t pass through the large colon, it could build up.

We can see that when we first saw Archy. His belly was enormous!

That enormous belly could cause abdominal pain, and the horse would be uncomfortable.

So when we see Archy lying on the ground, it helped him release all those extra gasses.

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Source: Lin Files YT, Animal Channel, Pixabay

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