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Hey Macarena! Adorable polar bear cub appears to show of its dance moves in the Alaskan wilderness

A polar bear cub in Alaska showed a photographer its best dance moves – by dancing its version of the Macarena.

Laura Gregory, 29, snapped the pictures of the bear standing on two legs in Kaktovik, Alaska.

The adorable cub even waved at the camera as she passed by in a boat.

Mrs Gregory said: ‘The bear was definitely a little wobbly on the way up, which made it look like it wanted to dance for us.

Standing tall: The adorable cub put his hands together as if it was dancing the Macarena when tourists passed it by in Alaska

Showing off his best moves: Looking quite dapper, the polar bear cub seemed to cross its arms like the moves in the hit 90s pop song
Polar bears travel to the city of Katkovik in order to feed on bowhead whale carcasses harvested by local residents.

Bears then wait for the Arctic Ocean to freeze over enough that they can get back on to the ice in order to return to their home.

Mrs Gregory, who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, said: ‘We were in a boat observing and photographing the bears. This cub, another cub and the sow came walking down one of the little island sandbars outside of Kaktovik.

‘The sow and the other cub walked a little further up the beach area, but this cub stopped right in front of us. The guide said we were going to have to move back in the boat if the bear decided to get into the water.

Loving the attention: The cub wore a curious little smile as it posed for the photographer’s snap by the water
‘The cub had its front paws a few inches away from the water when it decided to stand up and say hello. It actually stood up for for us before walking away towards its family.’

Mrs Gregory travelled to Katkovik with her husband for their fifth wedding anniversary and visited a number of destinations with the help of expert guides at the helm of boats.

She said that polar bears would sometimes ‘walk right by’ where the boat was moored.

She added: ‘The little wave part was pretty remarkable as well. It was almost as if the bear was putting a performance on just for us.

‘For polar bears in northern Alaska, coming in to feed on the whale carcasses seems to be tradition and instinct. It was incredible to get to view these bears during that time.’

Hello there! Mrs Gregory said it was almost like the bear was putting on a show for the passing tourists

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