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Helmeted special needs cat gets the happy ending he deserved(VIDEO)

When rescuers found the kitten siblings, Otter and Bunny, living on the street, they waited for their mom to return. But when the mama cat never returned, they knew they had to find a home for the two babies.

Special needs cat

Otter and Bunny were missing most of their front legs and needed special care. So, the rescuers reached out to Caroline from the Baby Kitten Rescue. She and her team specialized in rescuing special needs kittens.

“When they arrived, they were pretty sick,” said Caroline. “They had upper respiratory infections, horrible stomach issues and fleas.” Fortunately, Caroline and her team of professionals knew what to do.

Special needs cat

With some time and attention, the little ones healed, but that was when Caroline noticed another abnormality. Otter was missing part of his skull, which put him at significant risk for infection if he bumped his head.

Caroline put out a call on her social media to see if anyone could help Otter, and someone responded. “We had a follower reach out and say he would make [Otter] a helmet.”

Special needs cat

With his adorable kitty-sized helmet, Otter could live the happy life he deserved and play with his kitten friends. “He’s not in any pain or discomfort,” said Caroline. “He’s the happiest little guy.”As adorable as his helmet was, the little one did not have to wear it forever. Caroline scheduled surgery for Otter to have a titanium mesh over the hole in his skull. The operation was a complete success!

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