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Golden Retriever Walks Over 60 Miles In 2 Weeks To Get Back Home

This heartwarming tale demonstrates how devoted and loyal dogs can be, and is comparable to a real-life “The Incredible Journey.”

Ping An, a golden retriever, was having a wonderful time living with her loving family in Qidong, Jiangsu, China.

However, her family suddenly informed her that she would be moving elsewhere for a while.

In order to keep Ping An safe while the construction was being done on their home, Ping An’s family decided to place her in the care of some of their friends.

After loading the sweet golden into their car, they made the two-hour trip to their friend’s house.

Ping An would be protected and cared for there, and after a few months, she would be able to go back home.

Her family said their precious child farewell and returned home to begin the renovations.

In her new, temporary home, Ping An received all the love and attention she need. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but experience severe homesickness.

She was tremendously homesick and could not stop thinking about her family.

After four arduous months, she finally reached her breaking point.

She then left

Friends of the family were understandably upset to learn that Ping An had vanished. They feared for her wellbeing and speculated that she might be missing.

They found it hard to believe that Ping An was actually returning home.

Ping An continuously walked for more than two weeks. She was just thinking about one thing: she needed to return home to her family.

Nothing could stop her, and when it was ended, Ping An had covered more than 62 miles on foot.

The adorable girl was bleeding, badly undernourished, and absolutely worn out at this time.

She was determined to keep going but was thankfully saved by some good folks who found her owners.

After being transferred to the veterinarian, Ping An fortunately made a full recovery.

Her family was astounded by her commitment and loyalty and made a pact to never do it again.

Ping An has demonstrated how much she will go to be with her family, who are clearly the most important thing in the world to her.

We’re so happy that Ping Ann is doing well and that she’s back with her family, and we know that they must feel really fortunate to have such a wonderful dog show them such a profound level of affection.

Watch Ping Ann cuddle up to her daddy in this heart-melting clip.

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