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Family Sanctuary Giving Abandoned Cat A Home In The Scene Of Crisis In Venezuela

It’s a post-apocalyptic world in Venezuela this moment after the crisis, mostly imaginable like what we usually see in the Walking Dead. Since the hold of Hugo Chavez from 1994, the economy was put in war and become a mess.

But let’s forget the inflation and chaos left under the government’s rule. Kind-hearted people are everywhere, even in this circumstance.

In a small town of El Tocuyo in west-central Venezuela, Javier Reinoso and his family members, Juan and Ellia, stay with a mission. At the same time, others are running away from the dire situation. They provide a sanctuary to more than 50 homeless animals.

The place is nothing more than an old building suffering a number of impairments. Water, food, electricity, and medical care are luxurious terms here. In the lack of those basics, supplying for humans is uneasy, let alone animals.

Under this depression, no one would think about staying. But the Reinoso family doesn’t want to leave the cats behind. They share their little food and space in that old house, but there is no lack of love.

The cats know that, though collapsible, this place is safer than most places out there. Javier named every kitty and considered them his family. Each of the cats has a story of its own, but all love and stay with Javier.

Look at this situation, who would have that kind of heart to any living creature? And who knows what worse is coming tomorrow.

Let’s hope for a brighter future for Javier, his children, cats, and Venezuelan. Share this if you think something better is worth thinking of.

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