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Everyone He Meets Is Hugged By The Sweetest Shelter Cat

While many cats adore cuddling, Zorro, a 3-year-old cat, goes above and above. When someone lifts him up, he grabs hold of them and gives them a strong embrace.

Zorro’s current caretaker, the Pennsylvania SPCA, said of him: “You can simply pick him up and he will wrap his arms around you like a newborn orangutan and just hang on.” Kristen Nau is a veterinarian there. He’ll do the same thing a young child does and put his head on your shoulder.

In January, this extra-soft cat made its debut appearance in a Pennsylvania SPCA shelter.

The Pennsylvania SPCA’s Gillian Kocher, director of public relations, told The Dodo, “The tale is that a Good Samaritan had been feeding him… and trying to find him a home in the process.” But for some reason, it was difficult to find him a home, so she chose to bring him to us.

The staff at the shelter had no notion that Zorro enjoyed giving hugs or that he was initially affectionate. They noted on his documents that he “didn’t accept a lot of handling,” according to Kocher.

Soon after getting to the shelter, Zorro started to feel unwell. He started peeing more frequently than usual and occasionally had blood in his litter. When he was brought to the shelter hospital for surgery, the veterinarians determined that he had bladder stones.

Fortunately, the veterinary staff was able to operate and assist Zorro in recovering, but he will continue to require a particular diet, according to Nau. After the operation, Zorro spent a few weeks in the recuperation room when the staff began to realize how unique Zorro was.

He would sort of give the [veterinary] techs hugs and didn’t want to let go when they took him outside to clean his kennel or for the vets to examine him, Kocher recalled. “He would abuse everybody. He definitely doesn’t favor any groups when giving hugs.




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