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Cat ‘Icicle’ Stranded in River Wall Until Coastguard, Lifeboat Charity Arrive

The situation for one kitty, later named Icicle, was a precarious one. And the situation could have gone from bad to worse. But thankfully kind rescuers in Great Yarmouth, UK, made sure his situation ended happily.

It’s anyone’s guess how this sweet two-year-old cat wound up in the middle of a wall flanking the River Bure near the White Swan Pub in Great Yarmouth, but there he was.

White cat stuck inside wall along river

Images via Great Yarmouth Mercury. “The white cat looking bedraggled before the lifeboat crew arrived.” – Credit: Oliv3r Drone Photography

Icicle, white cat, stranded on wall

Help Comes For Icicle

But fortunately for Icicle, whose white fur means he’s aptly named, help was soon on the way, SkyNews reports. Volunteers from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) charity for Great Yarmouth and Gorleston were alerted to Icicle’s situation and joined with the local coastguard to bring the poor cat to safety. Right before the crew arrived in a lifeboat, Icicle fell into the river. Fortunately, the crew spotted him quickly and then the rescue began in earnest.

Icicle rescue boat

Helmsman Dave Kilpatrick said that when they arrived they found Icicle “clinging for dear life” to the wall’s metal sidings, The Great Yarmouth Mercury reports. It was a tricky situation all around because the water was shallow, making it difficult for the lifeboat to move close to the wall. When a line was thrown into the water it scared the cat and he began swimming away. But luck turned the crew’s way and someone grabbed him successfully on the second try.

Boat rescue, white cat
boat rescue, Icicle white cat in river

As soon as he was safely in the boat, Icicle was wrapped in a towel. I’m sure this little guy felt relieved because he was very calm. Kilpatrick adds that the cat seemed quite happy to see them.

White cat saved from River Bure, RNLI
Soggy Moggy, white cat

Now the crew made their way up the River Bure to a local RSPCA shelter. Some kind person had donated a cat carrier and he was checked out by a veterinarian. The next step? Returning him to his grateful owner, Mandy Baker, who thanked everyone for rescuing him. He’s now “back home safe and sound.” And hopefully, he’s now a permanent indoor cat so that he can avoid any further misadventures.

Indoor cats are definitely subjected to less physical harm and generally live longer than their outdoor counterparts, International Cat Care reports. They don’t have to deal with conflicts with other cats that may result in injury or contact with infectious diseases like Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

And even if your kitties are all indoors, it’s still an excellent idea to make sure they are microchipped. Cats are clever escape artists, and collars with tags can fall off. Microchipping is your best chance at finding kitty if she gets lost.

Kudos to the kind rescuers who saved sweet Icicle’s life. He sounds like such a sweet kitty and he was sure happy to be rescued.

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