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After Hurricane Ian slammed into Southwest Florida two weeks ago, one dog managed to survive..

Hurricane Ian slammed into Southwest Florida two weeks ago bringing damaging winds and catastrophic flooding. The sustained winds were 150 mph and the storm surge reached 15 feet in some areas.

However, one dog managed to survive on the roof of an RV in one of the hardest hit areas.

DeSoto County is experiencing historic flooding with many places like The River Acres community still underwater. The water is chest deep and the only way to access the area is by boat.

Thankfully, the stranded dog was spotted by a local who called DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office for help.

“The RV was located in the River Acres community, one of many areas severely impacted by flooding,” posted the department.

Officers knew they needed to act fast as the dog had been without food and water for about nine days.

They climbed into a boat and rushed to save the dog. They waded through the deep water and climbed on top of the RV to retrieve the pup. One of the officers carried the clearly exhausted dog back to the boat.

Aside from being skinny, the dog appeared unharmed. Rescuers shared, “The dog was turned over to DeSoto County Animal Control where it now has access to water, food, and shelter.”

People near and far were relieved the dog was saved and thanked the brave rescuers for their efforts. One person wrote, “Such sadness all around. Animals starving, lost, hurt. and the same for so many people. Thank you ALL for what you are doing.”

Another said, “Awwee thank you for saving this sweet baby. He/she must’ve been terrified too.”

Hopefully, he will be reunited with his family soon.


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