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A Kitty With A Twisted Neck Found The Mistress Of His Dreams

In Massachusetts, a wounded red baby was spotted on the street and rushed to a veterinary clinic. After being mauled by another animal, the kitten did not straighten its neck and had a wound on its back.

Even after enduring all of these trials, the kitten remained brave and yearned for company. He needed extra care to become well. Tara Kay, the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, offered to pick him up. “We have a great deal of experience with head trauma patients.” At the age of four weeks, Tara notes, “He weighed just 225 grams.”

Murphy, the kitten, appeared to be in high spirits in light of everything that had happened. He was kind and looking for love, and whenever he was taken up, he started purring loudly.

“His head is always inclined, yet his eyes are clear and his vision appears to be normal.”

Tara started feeding him with a syringe on a regular basis, and she even carried him to work at night. The kitten was given all of the love and attention he need, and then some.

Despite his diminutive size, Murphy had a strong will to live. He achieved balance and started to manifest himself as a person.

He has a lovely demeanor and is intelligent. He constantly purrs and requests to be taken up and cuddled, Tara continues.

The kitten started playing around, showing off his mischievous side. He has a hero-like appetite, which causes him to grow rapidly.

He may have a minor head tilt for the rest of his life, but that won’t stop him from living his life and doing everything a cat would do.

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