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Kittens Are Reunited With Their Mothers After Being Rescued From A Factory

Employees discovered a litter of tiny kittens hiding in a building and quickly called a local rescue organization, Edgar’s Mission, who dispatched a team to the location.

They eventually become safe and sound after a few hours and some patience; the only issue was that they were unable to locate the mother cat.

They searched all throughout the room for their mother, but she could not be located.

The kittens were transferred to the shelter in the meanwhile for the required attention and care.

Later, someone noticed the mother cat at the facility, and they hurried back when they realized she was still there.

It didn’t take her very long to speak; she appeared to be worried about her kittens. Her family was reunited with her after they were able to apprehend her and bring her back to the refuge. Her happiness at seeing her kids again was palpable.

Watch the video to see what happened:



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