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A Stray Kitten Makes Its Way Inside A Police Station And Refuses To Leave

One day, a stray black kitten showed up at a lice station in Eden Township, California.
He then simply walked into the office and wouldn’t come out.

He tried out a few various positions in the office before resting down on the upper tray of the radiator, so I guess it was time for a nap.

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook, “We believe he was attempting to enter as a 9 unit and refused to leave until he was permitted to enter the facility for an inspection.” He looked away from the reader and gave a naa when he arrived at the sergeant’s office.

He’s got a huge attitude but is quite cute, they continued.

He was fortunate that Officer Scalize liked him because of his courageous deeds.

This little guy should have been seeing a lace shirt, but instead he noticed his temporary home.



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